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Bukit Kapur Kawah Dolok Tinggi Rajain Nort Sumatera, Indonesia Tours

Written By Nanda Journey on Selasa, 13 November 2012 | 14.46

Bukit Kapur Kawah Dolok Tinggi Raja , located in the province of North Sumatra, indonesia
This time I will discuss a very beautiful sights and the presence in Indonesia, more precisely in the province of North Sumatra. In fact this tourist attraction has been kubahas before on the old blog here but in that I'm a lot more discussing that provide experience, but this time I would like to discuss about this location specifically * hopefully not one

This tourism object named Limestone Hill Crater Dolok High King in the village of High King, Kecamatan Kahean, Kabupaten Glare Simalungun, North Sumatra, about 120 KM from the city of Medan. Along the journey from Medan to this location, our eyes will be pampered with the green of the trees and the air is still cool. To reach this location should use trail kreta (Crete can read motor Yes, # BahasaMedan) due to the close location of this path is more extreme. It could also be the hell actually ride the duck matic or Crete, but have to be extra careful and super anxious because the bottom of Crete can be risky because it broke when it hit the rocks along the way.

2011-09-11 11.27.31 
In fact, according to the story the guardian Opung this location, this place is already 3 times visited by local officials and said it would do the repairs the access points to the High King, although to date there has been no signs for it but I'm still unsure if this extreme pathways will be transformed into a smooth line. Subhanallah, I'll be there again without misgivings along the way. This place I refer to as a suitable place to fill up holidays like new year that has just passed.

Still curious as to what exactly The High Chalk this King? As beautiful as what the heck this place I kok sampe segitunya. Okay look well Yes, High King of the natural tourism area which is famous for its atmosphere and the uniqueness of the natural hot springs baths. A torrent of hot water from the bowels of the Earth form a small crater at the expanse of limestone, continue to flow towards the river waters, Balakbak. Location of the bursts of hot water that is moving. Uniquely in the sump appears Balakbak flow hot springs. High Chalk Hill is a Chalk Hill King who is as white as snow with a pool of warm water in the land with the height of a pool of about one inch. Not only were existing loh wrote in this place, at the bottom of the hill there are Chalk River water Flood the Balakbak very cool and cold with views of stalactites (hanging limestone deposits) from the surrounding limestone. The picture see below

 2011-09-11 12.36.58



The area has been protected since 1924 through shared decision Kings Simalungun. Total area CA is 167 hectares.

In detail kujelaskan the uniqueness that is typical of this region is a potential source of hot water which comes from deposits of lime deposits – formed from the geothermal process containing sulfur forming terraces of lime soil hilly, with extensive reach 35 hectares. The flow of hot water that merges with the river water is often utilized for bathing-bath because the water feels lukewarm.

When we visited this site, we should have been up before noon because of the heat the puddle in bukit kapur will be getting hot because it is exposed to the blazing sun. And don't forget to bring plenty of water stock because here we are prone to dehydration. One thing that is unique and there are pantangannya here is we can boil an egg in a torrent of hot water, but in case the eggs we boil the number suddenly dwindled don't directly upset because according to the myth of the lost eggs that were taken by the watchman of the Hill to sesajennya. According to the story of this location custodian Opung, once there is a young man who suddenly disappeared because of the way he's wrong. Direbusnya eggs are gone and he said if the watchman that place was a thief. Finally he could come back again because the Opung must pull off a goat instead.

A natural phenomenon which is unique due to the presence of an active geothermal, can switch places. The hills of lime deposits result that looks are not active anymore, at any time can go back on. This shows the condition of the Earth's heat and the limestone hills of the unstable evidence. This instability makes the protection of the area becomes very important to keep it preserved, for the sake of stability of forest ecosystems and the surrounding area.

But behind all the uniqueness and the beauty of it, based on various sources of this tourism Assets seems to be overlooked. His lack of attention to local government led to these sights do not terpromosikan and well-managed. Facilities should not be addressed in the slightest attention by the relevant parties.

To get to this conservation area, there are two alternatives to a road trip can be reached as follows:
– Medan – Lubuk Pakam – Tebing Tinggi – Dolok Tinggi Raja, with Dolok distance 110 km or 3 hours travel time.
– Medan – Lubuk Pakam – Galang – Dolok Masihul – Dolok Tinggi Raja, with a distance of 97 km or travel time which is almost the same with alternative above.
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