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Written By Nanda Journey on Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012 | 11.33

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8 Maret 2016 13.20

A Guide to minimize personal discomfort of moving
Humans are emotional creatures. No matter how strong we portray ourselves to be, we always end up in a puddle of tears, when we are forced to leave behind something or someone who happened to be very close. However, as life would have it, often due to academic or professional commitments we are forced to leave a familiar town, city, country and at times even the continent.
There is nothing wrong about feeling homesick. From Hollywood actors to dare devil sportspeople, everyone at some point of time has suffered from this problem. So next time when you feel like crying when you come across something that reminds you of Mumbai don’t blame yourself for it, instead learn to deal with it.
Here are some tips that shall help you to get ready for a new life in a new city.
Accept All Type of Invitation
Once your movers and packers from Mumbai delivers your goods to your new home, do not shut your door and remain isolated. Instead make an effort to know your neighbors. Accept all kind of invitations that you come across. Join a new club or indulge in a new hobby and soon you shall make new friends. If you have small kids, the support system at their school can be very helpful.
Do Not Visit Your Old Home Too Soon
Homesickness kicks in a few weeks or months after you have settled in your new place. Once the initial business of settling down is over, theadreline high of moving to a new place wears off. That is when things start to get gloomy. Do not give into your desire of visiting your old place too soon. Instead focus on your new home. If you happen to miss your extended family and friends you can ask them to come and spend some time with you.
Stay Busy
Staying busy perhaps is the best medicine for almost all types of emotional problem. Understand the fact that you have to function in your new environment and feeling depressed would only add to your problems. Focus your attention on your work and make use of modern age technology to like Skype to stay connected with your friends. Spend time in cooking your local delicacy, once your packers and movers from Mumbai deliver all the kitchen supplies.
Feeling down is a common symptom after moving to a new space. Give yourself some time and develop a support system. Gradually as your heart settles in the new place, you shall discover that you have created a new home in a new city that once used to be a foreign place.

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