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Action stunt students in indonesia

Written By Nanda Journey on Minggu, 02 Desember 2012 | 19.55

Anyone know that the nation's future is determined by the next generation. But the next generation of this nation leave school with challenging death. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL students in Padang, West Sumatra set off school while hazarded, and became the spotlight of the world.
The authorities of the country able to speak with a proud state that Indonesia's development is very fast, true portrait of the nation in the eyes of other Nations is a nation that ignores the people. It is represented in the photographs, broadcast media in Europe, dailymail Wednesday Edition (7 November 2012).
Dailymail writes, "If you think that the kids to school was a chore. Configuration the parents of these children should think that his children should keep kesimbangannya on the wire as high as 30 feet above the river that flows from being late in class. "

School students who live in the village of Rotten Stone in West Sumatra, in addition to pursue a piece of the wire over the River, also have to walk as far as seven miles through dense jungle to his school in the town of Padang.
They had to cross local river as brave since the suspension bridge collapsed in heavy rains more than two years ago.
A photographer Igoy Fitra Yogi, 31, described how the children dared to deal with injury and possible death by drowning so they could get to the school.
He said: "these kids have to struggle to catch up on steel wire across the River to get to school.

"They keep their balance by slowly walking on the wire. While some children afraid to fall, forced their wet uniform when crossing the River.

"If being the rainy season, many children decide not to go to school for fear of drifting. Sometimes many parents accompany their children over the wire, so that they believe they are more secure. " People were forced to cross the River in this way due to lack of road access to the village.

In July, flash floods hit West Sumatra Province, killing eight people and causing more than 250 people have lost their homes. The disaster-stricken area that includes Foul Stones and Padang.

Maybe you own blum dare doing her "

Photos of children leaving school challenging death not just this horrendous time. Some time ago, photos of school children in Banten dubbed the Indiana Jones crossed the bridge. Also kisal children in West Java. Menyesul will certainly be more.
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