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How To Hack Steam Accounts

Written By Nanda Journey on Sabtu, 03 November 2012 | 20.10

"Steam Multi-Tool™ By HY Hack and heykhend Corp"

"Steam Multi-Tool" is one of the best steams crackers available. It doesn't requires proxies, once started it keeps on working. No need of any extra tool. Just a combo list with : delimiter and you are set to go. It checks Steam Guarded accounts too, so that you won't lose anything. It shows a steam guarded account as valid, which other cracker's doesnt check and that makes this tool above them.
[Image: proofjdp.png]
Note : It doesn't use username and password list. Just Combo List with : delimiter (Delimiter = User:Pass Style)
Only Account Checker Tab works(it's also the only one you need). The other tabs dont work because of all the steam updates.

How it works :

1. Open Steam Multi-Tool as administator

2. Click On "Account Checker" Tab
[Image: sc2uy.png]
3. You can choose from single account or multiple accounts. If you are checking a specified account click on "Single account". If you are using a combolist list, click on "Multiple Accounts" and load it by clicking on the side button "..."

4. Uncheck Everything, just check "Use Timer" , and set it to 83 seconds.

Note : Steam bans any ip that login's alot of times in less than 83 seconds of time intervals. Keeping any less than 83 seconds will result in a ip ban from steam and checker won't be checking any accounts and stating all accounts as failed, even if though they were working. This may seem slow but if you just keep the program on all the time and leave it on overnight your sure to get accounts

5. Now, Click on "Load" , it will load your combolist (Ill explain the combolist later if you dont understad)

6. Now, Click on "Check". It will start checking for accounts.

[Image: combolist.png]

And here is a picture of my success
[Image: proofjdp.png]
Note: only like about %50 of the accounts you crack will have games on them

Cracking Tips:

1. If you get unverified accounts, and you want to verify them to your email. Never, ever verify multiple accounts to a single email. Not even two accounts on one email. All accounts verified to single email will be suspended by Steam, which are of no use then.

2. If you get an error stating "Steam is having trouble Connecting to Servers" while checking id's yourself. That's because steam has banned your ip for 1 hour. If you have a dynamic IP, you can just turn Off and On your modem or connection and you can continue the process. For others, you will have to wait for an hour, until steam unbans you.

Last Minute Notes

- Note : Dont run the program while your Steam is ON. Turn off steam and then load it.


Steam-Multi Tool
Password for the file: hackforums


Note: these are average size combolists and im not guaranteeing you, you will get many accounts with these its always best to make your own

Thanks guys please leave any and all feedback it took me a while to write all this,
by the way this method was taught to me by Eth4nol, a good friend so im sorry if you guys wrote any similar threads, I looked around HF first to check there weren't any threads similar to this one
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