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Uruguay soccer ball player died not paid in Indonesia

Written By Nanda Journey on Kamis, 06 Desember 2012 | 17.04


Diego Mendieta, Rela give strength to teams outside the country just to earn a livingDiego Mendieta, more visible Tougher than what happens within him.A Soccer player synonymous with luxury and a lot of SalariesBut not for Diego Mendieta, Strength is only paid to Death by his clubLet alone bermewah luxury, just to buy a decent meal alone can notbecause the salary is not paid by his club
Although the figure in place drills Diego Mendieta is a jolly laugh and Like happiness. But did you know that every home playing football he always felt lonely, profound loneliness.All the best friend, brother, his wife and his beloved children all in paraguayThe atmosphere was quiet when semangkin make sweeping evening resting place in the boarding house.Every day Diego Mendieta should seek potluck food even though it's a little and not be eaten even have to look for funds to raise funds while watching together so he could eat. Until the end of his Cylomegalo virus (Tipes) and various mushrooms come gnaw body, his eyes and brain.2 weeks she endured pain kostnya Struggling alone with no one to accompany, While he hopes to meet with his wife and children in ParaguayAlthough it was only in a dreamHe did not want to go home before taking the hard work of the clubbecause when I got home he wanted to buy a rose for his wife and toys for childrenNow Diego Mendieta has come homeNow diego Mendieta will meet with his family in paraguay or maybe even brother and his wife were waiting for Diego Mendieta to Paraguay with emotionhowever, when Diego Mendieta came home he could not feel the warmth of her son's arms againcan not kiss his beloved wifecan not give his beloved child's favorite toy
The people I represent are very Thankful Indonesia on labor Diego MandietaWe will give sanction to the club diego shelterFor families Diego Mandieta Remain patient as this is the way of the Lord


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