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Janitors So Millionaires (the real story in Mekkah Hajj 2012)

Written By Nanda Journey on Minggu, 02 Desember 2012 | 19.38

Marimir Husain cuddle with his brother who has been recognised (photo: Sabq)

The Hajj season in 2012 has just passed. As usual, whenever the season of Hajj is always just bring up amazing stories. There is always a poignant story, full of wisdom and become a lesson for mankind.

Among the real story going on Hajj in 2012 this is the story of a janitors in the city of Mecca who unexpectedly rich became a millionaire. What's the story? Check out the story in fact as raised in the newspaper al-Sabaq terbiatan Saudi Arabia on 17 Dzhuhjjah ago (02/11/2012). (This story is we edit as necessary without compromising the core and substance of story).

Day, a man named Marimir Husain Jihar Middle sweep the streets of Mecca that is full of dust. He cleared the streets of this Holy City of dirt and trash-waste dumped human or flown by the wind all the time.

Already 5 years, immigrant workers from Bangladesh were melakoni the earthy jobs, jobs that are considered one the eyes of others. In Saudi Arabia, Bangladehs people are often referred to as the "Bengal". The Indonesia had calling them as such.

Colleagues Marimir never know the origins of the marimir, for there are hundreds of thousands (or perhaps millions) of people Followed the Haramain worker in the country.

Until one day in the Hajj season. When street sweeping Marimir fun around the Tan'im, a place where people will start (miqat) IHRAAM for ' Umrah, an unexpected events occur.

An old man yelled from across the street calling the name Marimir. The man was dressed in Ihram, looks about to implement the ihram for ' Umrah. From the posture of her body, an old guy that's obviously Bangladeh.

"Marimir ...! Marimir ...! Marimir ....! " The old man cried many times over from across the street. But due to the large number of people and then linta, Marimir not to hear it.

"Marimir ...! Marimir ...! Marimir ...! " That old man again shouted. This time he ran in the direction of Marimir road ahead of us.

That old man Action invites the attention of many people in Tan'im, including from fellow old man itself. They wonder, how did he recognize a street sweeper in the Holy City.

Regardless, he continued to run regardless of the cars drove fast. People yell to warn her, because she was interfering with traffic.

"Marimir ...!". Said the old man endlessly.

This time it was Marimir heard. She turned, a dilhatnya an old one ran toward him. He was also surprised, from which people knew his name.

The guy is getting closer. And the closer. When it was clear to him who came up, he was dumbfounded. What surprised Marimir, he seems to not believe what he saw.

It turns out that the old man was his own brother. ...

With berurai tears, the old man that does come up Marimir which is full of dust, then he hugged the young man with tightly while crying.

The jemaah haji Action invites the attention of many people. Even though it does not understand, they capture a moment full of commotion with the camera. After that, the old man tells the story to the people around them is full of compassion.

He recounts that the janitors were his brother alone, they are the two brothers who have not met 5 years more.

The story of their breakup began when their parents died a few years earlier. Their father left the inheritance who very much, reaching 17 million Riyals (about US $ 42.5 billion). How not, his family was descended from nobility, and one of their great-grandfather was former Minister of Bangladesh.

But his brother was doing greedy. He did not want to divide up that legacy with his sister. Several times the sister asked the Division of the inheritance, but he didn't want to. In fact, the younger brother never dijebloskannya to jail because of the demands his due!

Out of desperation, finally the younger brother leave Bangladeh. He also became a immigrant workers in Saudi Arabia. To many years. the last 5 years, he was a sweeper in Mecca.

After the departure of his sister Devaki's brother, has attacked disease malignant cancer.

"This is the punishment of God upon my terrors ...". Recalls that old Hajj while crying. And since then she recognised the Act of serakahnya.

Years old, she was also trying to find traces of the younger brother. He asked his comrades, but none that knows. He also has made competition, who knows his address will be rewarded.

But the news never came. The sister of somewhere rimbanya. While his illness getting worse, until he thinks he won't be much longer.

Until the coming Hajj season in 2012. When he was about to return to his homeland, he was also performing umrah first. He was with his companions were off to Tan'im, regendorf where people start umrah in Mecca.

And that's where the magic happened. In the place of God Almighty, this is bringing with her subs

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