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Zenonia 3 Android Hacks: Fairy Items ( by heykhend)

Written By Nanda Journey on Minggu, 20 November 2011 | 15.34

Apps Needed:

-First start off GameCIH2 and enable hidden mode to unlock its full function:)
    If you did'nt know about GameCIH google it:) or if you cant unlock hidden mode because you are not able to see the ad below it just install the app called AdFree then install and open it then tap revert:)
-Set your hotkey for GAMECIH2 then open Zenonia 3
-Open your inventory and go to miscellaneous then you should have two rune with different attributes(Att,Def1,Def2)

-Put the Rune you want to hack on the second slot and another rune on the first slot:)
                 In my case Ive put the Rune of Fire in the second slot because its the Rune that I want to hack:)
-First we'll have to Edit/Hack its ATT Attribute so check out the ATT attribute of theFirst Rune(Rune of Holy)
-Then Click your hotkey that you set on GameCIH2 to open it:)
-Then you'll have something like this:)(Zenonia 3 should be on red to indicate that its on Hidden mode:)
-Seleck/tap/click Input Number...
-You'll have something like this:)
-Now put the amount of the ATT attribute of the first rune(in my phone its rune of the holy and it got 5 for ATT attribute so I have type it 5:)
-Then it would find something like this:

-Then sleep for 5 hours and come back to your phone:)
                       .......Nah...just kidding....just press back button to get back to your game:)
-Then switch the First Rune with the SECOND RUNE,the rune you want to hack.....
-It should look like this:
 -Then now the Rune you wanted to hack should be at the first slot:)
            .....in my case i have switched rune of the holy with the rune of fire:)
-Now check the ATT attribute of the rune you wanted to hack.....
-Now open up GameCIH2 again by clicking your hotkey....then you should see this again....

-Then Click Input Number....
-Then Put the number of the ATT attribute of the rune at the first slot(the rune you want to hack)
               ......in my case the att attribute if my rune of fire is 12:)
-Then GameCIH2 would search something like this:)
 -Tap it:)
 -Then put your wanted amount of power max is i think 60k.....
 -Then go back to Zenonia 3 and you'll have like this:)
....If you wanted to change its defense just repeat the same step:)
....Now you are freely to thank me:)....also give credits to my friends Jaguark100 and JRantzProductions on youtube:0
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